Fans wanted to learn about the players off the pitch.
Chevrolet asked us to create a talk show that would give fans an exclusive access and experiences with Manchester United football club, and give fans insights into the lives of the players off of the pitch. So we created The Everything But Football Football Show.
Season One Highlights
Episodes feature recurring segments: Fanswers, Would YoUnited Rather, and Prank Wars.
The Everything But Football Football Show Visual Treatment
We created the first-ever video subscription series with Twitter. People could retweet to subscribe to the show.
Agency of Record – Commonwealth//McCann
Deputy Global Chief Creative Officer: Matt Canzano
Associate Creative Director: Nick Allen
Associate Creative Director: Brian Bono
Art Director: Jesse Gontko 
Copywriter: Leah Kane
Producer: Sebastian Rzepa  
Global Senior Strategist: Christina Poindexter

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